Our address: 79a, Naberezhnaya street, Novorossiysk, 353900, Russia
Phone/fax: 007 (8617) 617968
E-male: flotservice@narod.ru


Closed joint-stock company Flot-service was established on the basis of the former factory on fishery equipment production of joint-stock company Novorossiyskrybprom and exists for some years. Reconstructed and working nowadays factory is situated in the city Novorossiysk аnd is the only professional enterprise at the Black Sea coast of Russia, that determinates its significant strategic importance both manufacturer and storage terminal for shipment of any net-materials, rope-line, products and finished goods (trawl, trawling bags and other fishery equipment). Closed joint-stock company Flot-service is able to complete orders for production of fishery equipment of any complication for all types of harvesting vessels, both standard and according to individual drawings taking into account concrete recommendations and wishes of the customer.

Closed joint-stock company Flot-service has its own industrial areas, necessary equipment and highly professional staff. The production manager A.V. Martynenko was awarded to the bronze medal of National Economy Achievements Exhibition for production of trawl rigging.

We have adjusted set-up of trawl rigging to any country of the world. The fishery equipment production by our factory is highly appreciated in the fishery areas of New Zealand, Mauritania and Morocco.

The system of the discounts is stipulated.

Our knowledge and experience - at your service. We hope, that you use them.




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